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What reviewers have said about Kathryn’s films

Compelling… full of real emotions and situations that ring true,1a film with resonance and integrity,2 stylishly substantial,3 brimful of Australian talent,4 an object lesson in turning a low budget into a virtue.5 A very special bounce6 and a sharp eye for spotting up and coming stars.7 Astonishing,8 the real star is Millard’s cinematic style,9 a luscious visual feast,10 cleverly constructed;11 a striking feature,12 about the impact societal and familial pressures have on people’s mental health,13 the performances are finely nuanced and the direction is strong.14 One of the most intellectual and artistically rigorous filmmakers in the region,15 more interested in emotional resonance than plot and expert at getting it;16 a slow burn,17poignantly comic,18 a rare integrity,19 truly impressive,20 you can almost smell the air and feel the present moment of light on your skin.21 Haunting… an emotional detective story,22 Millard thrives on the thrill of investigation;23 a story about hope, resilience and, ultimately, the power of cinema.2

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